Interpreters and Closed-Captions on Cruises

From DeafNetwork:
Many of you have already submitted your comments to help to improve the ADA regarding the service for the deaf on cruise ships. If you are curious about comments your fellow travelers have submitted, go to the DOT Web site.

But we need more people to submit comments. The closing date has been extended to June 22, 2007. Please join this initiative and follow the directions below. If this seems too complicated, I can submit your comments on your behalf. Let me know and I will do it for you. In order to do so, I would need
– your e-mail address
– your mailing address
– your comment or you can use my suggested comments listed below
If you rather see the directions in sign language, you can go this Web site, scroll down the page and click on Play Video.
To submit your comment, go to this Web site.
1. Click on Comment/Submissions in the upper horizontal bar.
2. Go down to the left box Unregistered Users.
3. In the box, click on Register.
4. On the next page, submit all the requested information. Leave the line Organization and Organization Unit blank. On the bottom, submit a User ID and a Password. You will need both on the next page again. Click on the Submit button.
5. On the next page, click on Acknowledge.
6. On the next page, go to the right box Registered User. Submit your User ID and Password that you just created on the previous page. Click on the Continue button.
7. On the next page, submit only the Docket ID: OST-2007-26829 and the Document Title ADA – Passenger Vessels. Scroll down and click on Continue.
8. Now you are ready to submit your comment. When you are done, click on the Submit button.
Sample text
If you prefer to submit a comment by using a sample text, you can copy the paragraphs below and past them in the text field.
Paragraph 39.5
The proposed rules should apply to all domestic and foreign cruise ships, including river cruise ships regardless if the ships pick up passengers at ports in the US. If deaf people purchase their cruise in the US, why are they denied interpreter services on none-US sailings (like sailings in Europe or Asia that did not start or/and terminate in a US port) while the same services have to be provided by law on US sailings?
Paragraph 39.85 and 39.89
Closed captioning on TVs in cabins, public areas and the onboard movie theaters are currently not provided on cruise ships. Closed captioning should be provided at least at the movie theater, for videos that can be rented on board the ship, and for all public [WINDOWS-1252?] announcements on TV produced by the ship’s media center.
Kerstin Fox
Hibiscus Travel

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    • Lantana on May 8, 2007 at 9:39 pm
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    I am wondering if this includes deaf persons (who Sign) who do not prefer to travel on a “deaf cruise”, but wish to travel on their own, with or without deaf companions.
    Lantana, Lantana’s Latitude

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