iPods Make Ear Molds Cool

A green ear mold caught my eye on TV right before commercials (you know how the news likes to tease us), so I stuck around. It was the story [free registration required] of kids with iPods getting ear molds made to protect their ears. Audiologists say custom-fitting ear molds work better than ear buds because they don’t come close to the ear drum like ear buds can. As a result, the ear mold shuts out background noise so the listener can hear the audio better.
Even the kid in the story thought ear molds weren’t cool until she learned they come in a variety of bright colors. That’s why my hearing aid is silver and not beige. I got so sick of that color as that was the color of ear molds and hearing aids I wore for most of my life.
Hmm… maybe I should get them for my family. Don’t want them to lose their hearing. Now I can just see the deaf world coming after me for saying that.

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