Through Deaf Eyes Re-Airing

Through Deaf EyesIf you missed Through Deaf Eyes, it may air again in your area. In the Dallas / Fort Worth area (KERA), it won’t be airing in the next two weeks. However, you can check for future airings by going to pbs.org and enter your zip code, then go to the program’s page where it shows local listings for the program. A transcript [pdf file] is also available on the show’s page.
The program is available for purchase (available in May). Maybe you can rent it eventually, if you don’t want to purchase the DVD.


  1. Lisa

    On March 27 at 3 A.M. in Ft Worth where I live??? I’ll be zzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Meryl

    I was born and raised in Fort Worth! Got a recorder?? VCR? TiVO? DVR?

  3. Jessica

    I already have one on dvd record from my DVR Directv. 🙂

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