Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP)

The Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP), formerly known as The Captioned Media Program, has a new home. The change makes sense since it covers or adds the following:
* Video-described media for persons who are blind and visually impaired.
* Educational video description guidelines.
* Searchable information portal, including links to information from educational and consumer groups.
* Expanded media search options.
* “DCMP for Kids” section with separate student accounts, so students can directly access DCMP under the monitoring of teachers and parents who will determine which subject areas are accessible.
* Delivery methods including downloading media and access to streaming via both Real Player and Windows Media Player.


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  1. Dennis

    This is great, I thought I remembered Ben Vess telling me that they were closing down, or cutting back or something.
    Good news.

  2. Phil

    This is not a new home. Same place in Spartanburg, SC and being administered by the same people, NAD. All it is just a name change and few functions. Not a new home. Call it remodeled.

  3. Meryl

    Meant new home in terms of Web site URL.

  4. genevive swiztzerland

    This is not good new…they cut out seniors….they only let teachers and interpreters use the material and they’ve discontinued vhs. whoever runs this collects a fat check and the deaf are cut out!!! PLUS…check in with their new stuff…its all in Spanish…they are cutting the deaf out for mexicans….write the NAD, IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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