No Soliciting Signs

They came again! Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door and it was obvious they came to me because they were signing to each other. I have a “No soliciting” sign right by the doorbell, but they probably don’t see themselves as solicitors.
I can’t find a sign or information that takes care of the religious groups. I’m quite happy with my religion and have a relationship with G-d. I don’t need complete strangers talking to me about it and I don’t have time to shoo them away.
I love the funny sign here, but it’s too long and I doubt they’ll read it. A comment in the entry refers to yard signs, but I think the sign by the doorbell is enough as I hardly ever get solicitors anymore since posting it. Besides, I already have two signs in my yard and they’re more deserving of the space (kids’ sports).
Here’s a funny sign I found on Amazon. Perhaps, I need to do what Grant suggested. Post another sign below that says, “No religious visits.” I like that.

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