MP3 Player for Cochlear Implants

A woman with a cochlear implant is working with Samsung to create a wireless MP3 system for the deaf. I have Cochlear’s Freedom and it comes with an attachment to attach the implant to a player or the computer for listening to music. But I don’t use it because it drove me nuts having the cord pulling and besides, headphones work fine.
I have two headphones: one wireless and one wired. I wear the wireless ones upside down because they fit better that way. My regular headphones look like the wireless ones minus the rubber piece that holds the headphones in place on the ears. The piece is useless to me.
I can’t imagine an MP3 player for the deaf working any better than any other MP3 player. Maybe it will work better for those who can talk on the phone. For me, I can’t tell the difference. Heck, I can’t tell the bad singers from the normal singers on American Idol.

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