Magnetizing Implant

Recently had a couple of funny incidences with the implant. I was changing out the batteries and thought I dropped one. I looked all over the floor for it and it refused to be found. I put all three batteries in and was about to put the implant back on when I saw a battery stuck on the magnet piece.
While playing tennis, I take off the implant to dry my head and the implant with a towel. I accidentally knocked off the implant and freaked because I was standing next to the water cooler and the trash. It wasn’t on the ground, so I got scared that it fell into the bin with the cups and some still had water in them.
The tennis instructor was talking to me and I was losing my mind trying to pay attention to him and find the implant. Finally, I said “I dropped the implant and can’t find it.” Someone pointed to the metal cup holder where the implant appeared. Talk about relief!

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