Fraying Processor Coil and Cable

coil_cable.jpgUnbelievable! I’m trying to contain myself as much as possible. I’m on my second coil and cable (this part connects the processor to the magnet — it’s the round thing everyone sees attached to the head) and I haven’t had this processor for that long. I can’t recall when I changed out the first to the second, but now both cable insulations ripped.
I went to Cochlear to order another one. TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLARS! $290. Three figures! For a freaking cable and connector? Calm down… calm down.
I emailed Cochlear and told them I expect a replacement at no charge. Two broken ones and I think I may have had this processor about a year? For $290, I expect them to last at least five years between them.
No, I don’t throw these around and abuse them. I gently pull off the magnet by gripping the round part not the cable.
$290. Unbelievable.

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