Cochlear Implant Batteries

By miracle, I decided to clean out my office closet where I found Cochlear stuff. I had forgotten my new CI came with rechargeable batteries (you have the option of using disposables and rechargeables). The nice thing about rechargeables is that you take the whole thing out and replace it with another. This as opposed to removing the little batteries from their slots, dropping batteries, and not getting them out of their slots without a small instrument (when the finger nails aren’t long enough).

Since I’m low on disposable batteries, I decided to look up the cost of the rechargeables as having two isn’t enough. I keep getting stuck at tennis without a backup since I don’t want to lose my backup — yet I can carry disposables in my bag and in my purse without remembering to take them out to move them into whatever I’m currently using.

It’s $195 for a rechargeable battery! They last about a year. Looked up the cost of the disposables and paid about $150 with shipping for 300 pieces (the CI uses three batteries and each wear lasts about three days = almost a year’s worth of batteries). The rechargeables don’t last as long as the disposables (more like two days). For a $50 difference, I guess I’ll have to continue polluting with disposables.

I’d need to order at least two rechargeables to be able to ensure I always have a backup with me and $400 is a bit much.

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