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Stanford Article: Seeing at the Speed of Sound

I love “Seeing at the Speed of Sound,” a long article by Rachel Kolb that could’ve very well been written by me. I can relate to dealing with mumblers, people with accents, spy comments, darkness and encounters with the deaf community. Not only is it hard to lipread mumblers and people with accent, but others …

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Response to Viewpoint about Deaf Community

Hunger Games captions

I appreciate Kayla Davis sharing her experience as the child of parents who are deaf in January 4’s Viewpoints. However, readers need to hear (no pun intended) another person’s perspective. When my parents found out I was born profoundly deaf, they chose to raise me orally. As a result, I learned how to communicate by …

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Closed-Captioned Video Examples

Search Google for CC videos

Char James Tanny put together a great list of resources on captioned videos. I wanted to capture it here so I could embed videos, share a few notes and post screen shots from YouTube. They are examples showing how the following types of videos differ: no captions basic captions (built-in video) captions (turn on/off) transcripts …

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What Do Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants Sound Like?

French clip

I had been looking for resources that show those with normal hearing what it’s like to hear with different levels of hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants. I had two resources in an old blog post and found three more today, so I’m combining them in this post. As I come across more resources, …

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Curtis Pride Brings Big League Game to Gallaudet

Curtis Pride, former professional baseball player who happens to be deaf, is coaching Galludet’s baseball team. A former Gallaudet student returned at age 30 as a pitcher because of Pride. Read the inspiring story at USA Today.

YouTube Auto-Captioning

A New Meme Is Brewing: YouTube CaptionFail. This is one of those situations where you wonder is it good to have captioning even though a lot of it is messed up or no captioning. I tried to autocaption two of my previously captioned videos. I took off the captions and let YouTube try its hand. …

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Links: Captioning, Olympics and 508

STC AccessAbility SIG has two great articles, What is Unclear About Captioning and Olympian Anger — Is It So Hard to Remember Accessibility (amen!). More on Vancouver Olympic Websites from 456 Berea St. Mike Paciello provides a short update on the Section 508 / Section 255 Guidelines. Thanks to Laura Carlson for all the links. …

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FCC Announces New Closed Captioned Complaint Rules

Image via Wikipedia Source: Deafnetwork On Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, two important new closed captioning rules were published in the Federal Register and went into effect. The new rules require immediate attention by video programming distributors — including broadcast television stations — to ensure that they respond promptly to viewer complaints regarding closed captioning issues, …

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Olympics Continue to Falter with Web Site

Image via Wikipedia Does it ever end? Apparently, the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver has not learned anything from the Olympic-sized accessibility problems of the past. Joe Clark provides the details.

Two Different Experiences in Talking to Children

Image via Wikipedia I thought I had blogged this story, but only found bits pieces. So here’s the whole story as my daughter remembers it. I’d like to think that I was a unique individual from birth. I learned, at a very young age, that my family was different, but my parents instilled a sense …

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