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If you like reading news on things related to the Deaf world, the Google Toolbar gives you instant access. The free FireFox extension (there is another one for Internet Explorer users) does not have spyware or adware. To install it in FireFix, click on the Download Toolbar button and wait a moment until the Install Now becomes active in the installation window. Close and re-open FireFox and the toolbar appears. Toggle toolbar off and off by clicking on View > Toolbars >
Deafspot Toolbar
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The toolbar includes a Google search box, but I already have one right next to my address bar. Deaf Events takes you to a listing of events by state. Select your state to find out what’s happening. Deaf Links a few good ones plus a few repeats from the toolbar itself. News headlines crawl in a small box next to the Privacy button. It’s not distracting, but it would be nice to have an option to stop the crawling. Then the button to the right of the news crawler takes you to the chat room.
A nice tool that saves you a few clicks in getting updates on the Deaf-related news.
To remove the toolbar, click on Tools > Extensions > scroll down until you find Toolbar and click on Uninstall.

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