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Understanding the Deaf

This insightful story from a Nigerian publication addresses the two different broad types of deafness: prelingual (deaf before speaking) and postlingual (deaf after speaking). Unfortunately, there’s a bad typo in the article. “Dead” instead of “deaf” as well as a few errors. In spite of these mistakes, it’s still worth reading. While growing up, a …

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First iTunes Song Purchase

I rarely discover new music as I can’t identify the songs I hear on the radio. I know there’s a resource that helps with that, but I can’t collect information to be able to use the resource. However, I liked a new song that I heard on CSI. It’s the famous episode where Nike Stokes …

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Deaf Man Sterilized after Marriage

I’m at a loss for words… Deaf youth sterilized five months after marriage. It’s not clear from the article what happened. Something about a health worker who has since been suspended. Deaf and mute isn’t necessarily a hereditary condition. Of course, there isn’t enough info in the article to draw conclusions. The only thing that …

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