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More on Not Deaf Enough

Social Work/Social Action points to Deafness and the Riddle of Identity, which discusses Jane K. Fernandes and the “not deaf enough” issue. It isn’t fair to use the fact that Fernandes wasn’t a native signer against her. Not I’m not going to defend Fernandes, but want to say don’t hold this sort of thing against …

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Matlin on My Name Is Earl

I admire Marlee Matlin and the show‘s writers for its episode where Matlin played Joyce’s lawyer, Ruby Whitlow. Actually, she was in several episodes, but I’m referring to the one from November 30, “Born a Gamblin’ Man.” I admire the writers because they scripted a funny story that addressed the sort of thing we don’t …

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Superbowl Ad Vote

The NFL is taking advantage of the infamous Superbowl ads with a contest in which thousands submitted an idea for an independent ad to air during the Superbowl. The NFL narrowed the list down to 12 so we can vote for our favorites. The pitches, unsurprisingly, aren’t captioned. Thanks to Dan Johnson who notified me …

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The Family's First Computer

I’ve been reading Steve Wozniak’s autiobiography, iWoz, learning about the birth of Apple Computer and its evolution to Apple I and Apple II. Made me think about how eager I was to get home from camp in 1980 because I knew we had gotten a new computer, an Apple ][+. Reading iWoz, I realized my …

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Theater without Studying

Call me strange, but I’ve loved musicals since I was a kid. I would pretend I was a character from a show and sing without fear of how bad I sounded — of course, I had no real audience. My parents took me to many shows at Casa Manana, a theater in my hometown of …

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Designing Babies with Differences

Couples with differences or disabilities wanting children like them isn’t anything new. However, USA Today reports couples who are trying to create babies using in vitro fertilization and embryo screening. Not a cheap procedure with a cost of over $15,000 — something insurance companies aren’t most likely to pay for. Insurance companies may pay for …

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Telecoms in UK Provide More Calling Options

Deaf Americans should be grateful for the relay options we have as most of it is free especially the Internet-based services. According to UK Telecoms opening up for deaf callers, users must pay one pound (equivalent of USD $1.89) PER MINUTE!

Deaf Jews in Math

Deaf Jews in Mathematics — not that we need to break it down by religion and disability, it’s fascinating. Very cool. I’m impressed with all mathematicians as it was a struggle for me in advanced math classes such as trig, elementary analysis, and calculus. I never understood why I didn’t do better at math as …

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CSI: NY Silent Night

A deaf family appears tonight on CSI: NY in its Silent Night episode. If you miss it, just be on the look out for this episode title during reruns. In the episode, an intruder breaks into a home, shoots the teen daughter and almost kidnaps the baby without the mother hearing a sound. The entire …

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Help for the Eyes… Finally

I whined and moaned in this entry about the problem with my eyes aching and feeling pressure. My regular doctor told me to see the ophthalmologist rather than my optometrist (Talked to him, too). She said all my symptoms pointed to dry eye syndrome. First thing to try was adding tears (eye drops) four times …

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