Livestream Announces Live Subtitling Service

Livestream, in partnership with PLYmedia, now offers live subtitling service for live streaming events. It’s not cheap at $850 for three hours of live captioning, but it’s an option. How many users can afford it considering many use the free version of Livestream. The company might want to consider alternate pricing for captioning videos AFTER they’ve aired.
[Read more about LiveStream Subtitles]( and see an example video.
How can those who rely on captions find out what live events will be captioned? They might not be on the event’s mailing list. The Livestream guide needs to add a new search category for captions/subtitles. I’ve contacted the company about this.
One nitpick. One of the benefits says, “Reach the 36 million Americans that suffer from some form of hearing loss.” Many deaf and hearing impaired folks will tell you we’re not suffering. Some are quite proud. For some, it is what it is.

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  1. I found a workaround for myself, for live captioning – using Elluminate Virtual Room. I can either use Voice Recognition to enter into their CC window, or share a window of my own captioning, and then invite other user to watch the captions over the internet in my vroom. Free for up to 3 users (I am only testing with one deaf user right now).
    Not ideal, but free, and XP/Vista Windows 7 Users can all use Microsoft Speech recognition free.

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