Interviewing People with Disabilities

I remember writing an article years ago, but can’t recall where or for whom. It was about interviewing people with disabilities from a job perspective. This article from Poynter on interviewing people with disabilities from a reporter’s perspective triggered the memory. This fine article shows how to do a story on someone who has a disability without sounding like a pity party.
The article quotes Joseph P. Shapiro, a reporter for NPR who said that “disability issues are rich territory for unusually rewarding stories. Why? Because disability issues are interesting and often complex. Because most coverage is cliched, leaving plenty of room for thoughtful stories that stand out. Because good reporting can change the way people think.” This quote comes from Reporting on Disability: Approaches and Issues, a style guide. Where is it? I couldn’t find it.
I love that last line. That’s what I try to do with this blog. Here are resources for interviewing people with disabilities from different perspectives:
* Job Interviews from Federal Employment of People with Disabilities
* Diversity World
* U.S. Department of Labor
* QuintCareers
* National Organization on Disability
* Monster: Workers with Disabilities
* Disability & HR: Tips for Human Resource Professionals from Cornell
* Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Internship Positions

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