Make Video Accessible, Localized, Mobile and Searchable by Captioning

Great [tutorial that uses Opera Dragonfly and Opera Mobile 10](http://www.iheni.com/make-video-accessible-localised-mobile-and-searchable-by-captioning/) from iheni [Link: [Laura Carlson](http://www.d.umn.edu/itss/support/Training/Online/webdesign/)]
More goodness from [@iheni](http://twitter.com/iheni):
[WCAG Trip-A: “Accessibiltiy as an Afterthought”](http://www.iheni.com/wcag-triple-a-accessibilty-as-an-afterthought/)
More evidence [screenreader usage is shifting](http://tr.im/EPSC) via [@jared_w_smith](http://twitter.com/jared_w_smith): “Lower your prices or I’ll switch to Screen Reader X…”
[@Jennison](http://twitter.com/Jennison) has set up a The Mobile & Handheld Technology Accessibility Forum on LinkedIn [http://u.nu/3eiu3](http://u.nu/3eiu3)
Mobile widgets/apps lead the way for a blind user [http://tr.im/EAAD](http://tr.im/EAAD) + vet [http://tr.im/EAAz](http://tr.im/EAAz) Build widgets w/ standards at [http://tr.im/EAB9](http://tr.im/EAB9)
Good captioning tool tip from [@prettysimple](http://twitter.com/prettysimple) [http://tr.im/Ekca](http://tr.im/Ekca) youtubecc.com [http://www.youtubecc.com/](http://www.youtubecc.com/) super simple to use thanks James!

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