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Operator! Operator!

As one who uses a relay service to make phone calls, I prefer to connect with humans instead of dealing the mile long recorded-message hell. It takes a long time for the operator to type the entire recording and by the time it ends, the phone has hung up. 1-800-Annoy me now shares a few …

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Reading eBooks

Here’s a great way to practice listening skills. Download the free Microsoft Reader and it’ll read books out loud while highlighting the text. Currently, they’re offering free eBooks every week, but these aren’t read out loud. But, I’d be willing to buy books to practice listening. Unfortunately, my @()#*$ sound driver isn’t working right. Gotta …

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Hearing Aid Fashion Show

As promised, I’ve uploaded photos of the old hearing aid I wore until I was in 4th grade. See The Many Faces of Hearing Aid, the photo album.

Accessible Cell Phones

Since my wireless service no longer offers a network that’s compatible with my PDA modem, I’m exploring cell phones with text and email capabilities like the Nokia 6800 (one bad thing… no built-in camera… pooh!). offers the latest information on developments in the wireless industry from an accessible perspective. One thing that’s not clear …

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Deaf Culture

Many people who are Deaf are against cochlear implants because they feel it’s taking away a culture. Such people are prejudiced against people like me who use speech and no sign language when communicating. It’s my choice and I choose to do it. I am free to learn sign languages and I choose not to …

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My Quiet Relationship with Dad

The Cochlear Implant Online Web site told the story of a high schooler who had to get reimplanted and in the process received an upgrade. Rachel’s younger sister, Jessica, is also deaf and has an implant. The Web site discussed cochlear implants, its history, and a girl’s story in receiving an implant. On one of …

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Other Stories

An athlete from Austin, a Romanian girl, and a father’s son. As a member of several cochlear implant forums, I’m impressed with the different histories of the courageous people who shared their stories and paved way for newbies like me. After all, someone had to go first. Actually, we looked into cochlear implants waayyyy back …

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Body Aid

Before I got my first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid in 4th grade, I wore a body aid. For the most part, it had one end of the cord attached to two ear molds and the other end to a case about the size of a deck of cards. As an active little girl, there was …

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Birth Defect

I neglected to explain why I was born deaf. I have sensineural hearing loss, which in most cases is a permanent hearing loss. The causes of a sensorineural hearing loss are numerous: nerve damage due to illness, menengitis, maternal rubella, RH blood incompatibility, scarlet fever, absence of semicoclear fluid, cytomeglovirus, chronic exposure to loud noises …

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