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Famous Deaf Gal

OK, so she is the second most famous deaf person. Heather Whitestone McCallum is in the news again since she had an implant over a year ago. A message worth hearing briefly shares her story. The most famous deaf person? I’d say Marlee Matlin. She gets most of the deaf roles in Hollywood.

Deaf Rabbi

After yesterday’s rant, here’s a positive story about a deaf woman who took the path to becoming a rabbi. I didn’t even know there was a Jewish seminary for the deaf. Cool. Apparently, she will be the third deaf rabbi in the world. Here’s the other rabbi. Wow. Oh, it’s not for me, I don’t …

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Totally Implantable Cochlear Implant

If this can really happen, it’ll take cochlear implants to the next level meaning no worries about getting wet in the shower or pool and MRIs would not be an issue (I can’t get an MRI because of the magnet the holds the transmitter). Most of the articles on this technology are 2001 and 2002. …

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Another CI Weblog

Anil from Six Apart pointed out another Cochlear Implant blog: Cochlear Implants: A Mate’s Perspective. He writes about his wife’s experience from his perspective. However, I take issue with the tagline. We are not suffering from deafness… Since we’re talking about mates here, I have to take a moment and thank Paul for being supportive …

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A Bionic Family

Good story about the Sarah and Todd McBride, who have both been deaf from birth, did not know whether their children would be able to hear since deafness isn’t necessarily genetic. And the follow up to their story after getting hooked up.