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Designing for Accessibility Links

[Laura Carlson]( provides loads of links to great articles on accessibility in web design. Want to share them with you. [Create Your Own Accessibility Statement]( “An accessibility statement has two basic functions. Firstly, it presents clear information about the target level of web accessibility for the website and the methods used to achieve those targets.Secondly, …

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Can You Hear This?

NoiseAddicts has a great hearing test to see what you can and can’t hear. It provides sounds from 8kHz up to 22 kHz. Don’t fret if you can’t hear anything beyond 15 kHz. It just means you’re most likely to be over the age of 25 and that’s normal. I can’t even hear the 8kHz …

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Convert Voice Mail to Text Report #3

As a BrightHub writer, I learned about another voice mail to text service except this one has an added feature the others don’t have: Address book. It integrates your cell phone’s address book with the service’s web-based application. The web-based application lets you see the missed calls, voice mail to text messages, and your address …

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Review of Video Captioning Apps

Bill Cresswell lists ProudGeek reviews of some captioning methods. Bill also adds other captioning options that aren’t reviewed. If you know of any services or options not included, please leave a comment to add it to the list. Thank you, Bill!

Captioning, Transcripts and Teachable Moment

Love this story about working with NASA: I was approached by a web developer who was working on a project for NASA: an out-reach program geared towards students at all levels (K-4 through “higher ed”) that essentially encouraged students to use NASA Videos and create “remixes”. Since NASA is clearly a Section 508 respondent, the …

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Whoo Hoo for Hulu

I had heard about Hulu, yet another video watching service. Originally, I ignored it as I ignore most video service news. I happened to catch the Alec Baldwin Hulu commercial and he intrigued me enough to check it out. Not that I want my brain to turn to mush. There, I got the shock of …

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More Online Captioned Videos and iTunes

It’s hard to find captioned or subtitled videos online. Came across two good resources: by the awesome Bill Creswell ( 2GuysTalking go on the hunt for captioning. iTunes has an option where you can search all closed-captioned movies (list continues to be skimpy and pitiful). Surprised it doesn’t let you search for music …

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Deborah alerted me to a service that does subtitling. SubPLY is offering to do free captioning of YouTube videos. That’s a big job to make such an offer, but I’m sure it’s temporary to help promote the service.


Will Cox sent this to me. Love it. I always wondered how hearing people can sleep. It just bugs me to think of going to bed with my hearing turned on. Sure, I’ve taken a nap with my hearing aids on — but mostly because I was conked. But to go to bed and wait …

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Deaf Twitter Group

Been quiet for a while between my herniated disc and hand surgery. Still can’t type much, so I’ll just point the way. Bryen’s intro Deaf Twitter Group