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United Nations Enable Factsheet on Persons with Disabilities

“Around 10 per cent of the world’s population, or 650 million people, live with a disability. They are the world’s largest minority.” – [UN Enable Facesheet]( [Link: [Laura Carlson](] Isn’t that reason enough to make accommodations? Caption videos? Do voice overs? Design accessible web sites? What more do you need? 10 percent of the WORLD. …

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Index of Captioned Videos

If you’re like me, you search for captioned video on a per site basis. For example, you use [Hulu](’s cc only caption feature, [Google Video](’s show captioned videos only feature and [YouTube](’s “closed captioned” type feature. Even these search tools are not perfect. For example, I added subtitles to all of [my YouTube videos](, but …

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Signs for Countries around the World

From []( Do you get tired of fingerspelling country names? Have you ever searched online for country name-signs but can’t find what you’re looking for? Problem solved! Check out []( This website serves as a resource for those seeking to learn the signs for various countries around the world. A list of references is included …

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Captioning Videos Does Matter

[Jen Rohrig]( and I have something in common. We just avoid videos online because we know the chances of them having captions are slim. The captions on a recent TV show were muddled (cut off sentences, combined words for non-sensical phrases), so I went online to see if I could view the episode online as …

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Disability Style Guide

Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s [National Center on Disability and Journalism]( provides a style guide that explains the common terms related to disabilities and their usage. The style guide points which items follow the AP style guide and which don’t. It offers tips on when to use certain words …

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Free Tools for Captioning YouTube Videos

Terrill Thompson of University of Washington has a great post detailing [free tools to caption YouTube videos]( and reviews some of the applications. I’ve used [CaptionTube to do my video]( – [CapScribe]( Mac and Firefox – [CaptionTube]( web-based – [dotSub]( web-based – [Easy YouTube Caption Creator]( web-based – [MAGpie]( Windows and Mac – [Overstream]( web-based …

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Will Mozilla Blow It on Captioning?

Joe Clark, accessibility advocate extraordinaire, posted “[Will Moz blow it on captioning?](” I don’t know what’s the right answer. But so many organizations do it differently, it’d be near impossible to have a standard for everyone that’s easy to use.

Closed-Captioned Movie Trailers

After seeing *Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince*, it got me thinking there has to be a place online to view many subtitled trailers in one place. Within a few minutes, I found []( [CaptionFish]( has subtitled trailers for the current releases, but I wanted to find them all in one place without trying to …

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Here’s the link to view the closed-captioned trailer of the sixth Harry Potter movie. []( Wonder when a captioned version of the movie will reach the Dallas area. Definitely not next week.

Fishing for Movies with Captionfish

You may have seen [Fomdi](, a web site that helps you locate captioned movies (either open caption or rear window) by zip code and how far the theaters are from your home. Fomdi has a Google search-like interface. It provides a great service, but it doesn’t catch every movie. Today, it shows only one captioned …

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