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Closed-Captioned Video Examples

YouTube Search Results for CC

Char James Tanny put together a great list of resources on captioned videos. I wanted to capture it here so I could embed videos, share a few notes and post screen shots from YouTube. They are examples showing how the following types of videos differ: no captions basic captions (built-in video) captions (turn on/off) transcripts …

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What Do Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants Sound Like?

French clip

I had been looking for resources that show those with normal hearing what it’s like to hear with different levels of hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants. I had two resources in an old blog post and found three more today, so I’m combining them in this post. As I come across more resources, …

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Curtis Pride Brings Big League Game to Gallaudet

Curtis Pride, former professional baseball player who happens to be deaf, is coaching Galludet’s baseball team. A former Gallaudet student returned at age 30 as a pitcher because of Pride. Read the inspiring story at USA Today.

YouTube Auto-Captioning

A New Meme Is Brewing: YouTube CaptionFail. This is one of those situations where you wonder is it good to have captioning even though a lot of it is messed up or no captioning. I tried to autocaption two of my previously captioned videos. I took off the captions and let YouTube try its hand. …

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Links: Captioning, Olympics and 508

STC AccessAbility SIG has two great articles, What is Unclear About Captioning and Olympian Anger — Is It So Hard to Remember Accessibility (amen!). More on Vancouver Olympic Websites from 456 Berea St. Mike Paciello provides a short update on the Section 508 / Section 255 Guidelines. Thanks to Laura Carlson for all the links. …

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Employees with Disabilities Think outside of the box daily

[Who Are You Hiring in 2010? Thinking About Diversity in Another Way]( is a fabulous article that looks at hiring trends and thinking beyond the label. See [Think Beyond the Label]( to learn how you can evolve your workforce. The web site is “committed to making the business case for employing people with disabilities.” Here’s …

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Links: 3 January 2009

Lots of things to report courtesy [Bill Creswell]( [[@grwebguy](, who should be greatccguy]. – [The Year in Captions in 2009]( – [Closed-Captions Missing from Several On Demand Movies]( – [17 Misconceptions about People with Hearing Loss]( – [University of Arizona launches a class to help people who are losing their hearing.]( – [Court Reporting One …

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Everywhere the Deaf Are Befuddled

see more deMotivational Posters Laugh courtesy [Very Demotivational](

Links: 10 December 2009

Laura Carlson provides two great links in her long-time excellent resource, [Web Design References]( I don’t know how long I’ve been reading it… but most certainly over five years. [Accessible Web Design]( provides US disability statistics: Measurement and sources. [Jesblog]( looks at captioning and YouTube. “Anyway, a solution to finding a quick and inexpensive way …

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Resources for Texans with Disabilities to Transition to College

Lots of resources from DeafNetwork. Going To College This new website contains information about living college life with a disability. It is designed for high school students. The site provides video clips, activities, and resources that can help them get a head start in planning for college. Video interviews with college students with disabilities …

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