Category: Implant Experience

Health Insurance Gripe

Unbelievable. We get a call from the hospital’s finance office asking how we want to pay and if I am outpatient or inpatient (it’s outpatient, unless there is a problem). Well, from what we understand, insurance was supposed to pay for the whole deal. According to the hospital, this is the first time an HMO …

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Here are my audiograms from 1988, 1992, and 1999. 1988 part 1 medium large 1988 part 2 medium large 1992 medium large 1999 medium large The conclusion? I’m gosh darn deaf. 🙂 Seriously, my hearing hasn’t changed since birth. Maybe a drop. Other test results: Lipreading and hearing test — 100% Lipreading / no hearing …

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Open for Business

Date: July 21, 2003. So? I get a cochlear implant. The victim: my right ear. 33 years after I was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss, I’m taking a step towards to hearing better. My hearing aids have been good to me. I could hear music, voices, rain, dogs barking, and babies crying. After much …

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