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Speech and Listening Therapy Update 1

My teeth are buzzing after working for an hour on the “Z” sound in the middle and end of words. I had no idea, after all these years, that the letter “S” sounds like a “Z” in a lot of instances. Has, is, eyes, bills, visitors, figures, and so on. I knew words like was, …

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Speech and Listening Therapy

Frustrated with the lack of progress with my cochlear implant, I contacted the person who has been working with me on the MAPping for advice. She responded with two suggestions: 1. Come in for a re-MAPping session 2. Speech and listening therapy She said she can provide recommendations for therapists and I requested them. One …

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Hearing My Son Calling

Last Sunday night, I had a little, but meaningful hearing moment. I was working in my office and I hear, “Mom! Mom!” I had to listen for a minute because sometimes something else sounds like “Mom.” I responded, “Yes?” “Can you come up here?” the voice said. “You want me to come upstairs?” I said. …

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Swimming with the Implant

Whenever I am near water while wearing my hearing aids (and now implant) — pools, showers, bathtubs — I get nervous as it doesn’t feel natural to have it on because water and hearing aids don’t mix. That’s why you’ll see me using an umbrella when it’s only sprinkling outside. I don’t want to get …

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Children's Audio Books

I mentioned before I had been looking for audio of children’s books and I didn’t want Winnie the Pooh or Disney. BTW, John Fielder, the voice of Piglet passed away. Anyway, I got Dr. Seuss CDs: Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. I figured out many of the phrases from reading the …

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Another Lost Cochlear Implant

Not again. Last week, I reported a feller’s cochlear implant was stolen. This time, a woman lost hers while roller skating. It’s scary because these things do fall off easily. If I pull my hair back or up, it makes it harder to connect the magnet as I have thick hair. With hearing aids, you …

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CI Controversy in Pittsburgh

Ah… the controversy’s flame continues burning strong… The Toledo Blade reports, “The family stopped at a fast-food restaurant and encountered students from a New York school for the deaf. They took one look at Nino’s [cochlear] implant and started signing feverishly with the help of their interpreter. They assailed Mrs. Russo for choosing the implant …

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Cochlear Implant FAQs

Just got the word from DeafNetwork that NAD has a Cochlear Implants FAQ on its site.

Implants Give Perception of Hearing

Implant devices can give ‘perception’ of hearing to deaf, severely hearing-impaired clearly explains how implants work and what people implanted with these devices hear. Many ask me how I am doing with the implant. I know they’re interested and all, but it just not going to change for a long, long time. I have 30 …

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Audio Demos for Speech Perception

Audio demos for speech perception demonstration of what a CI sounds like: Dictionary of Mapping Terms provides words to use when describing the sound heard to the audiologist: